Accessbot is an intelligent accessibility compliance automation bot, thats helps its clients automate Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 compliance. Accessbot crawls and scans websites to detect and resolve accessibility compliance issues. Lightening speed scans , configurable rule engine , API support and enterprise role based access are unique features of Accessbot that provides the edge over its competition. A 100+ page website takes less than a minute to crawl, scan & report errors.

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Key features- Easy On-boarding & Rules management Cloud or On-Premises setup Auto remediation of the issues APIs for tight integration with CI/CD flows, DevOps, Scheduled scans Dashboard and Reporting with recommendations and many more.

508 compliance testing is an obvious hurdle in any automated CI/CD pipeline. As we all know, 100% automation of 508 compliance testing is a difficult challenge for everyone. Some even say impossible. seeks to answer that challenge with some interesting differences from the other offerings we see in the market today.

RESTful and Proud of It! provides access to its core Rules Engine, through a novel, simple to understand RESTful service API. This simple design consideration provides almost ubiquitous integration options. The API is easy to learn, well documented and barriers to implementation are lower than what we see in our competitors.

Easy On-Boarding!

Additionally, provides an intuitive Web UI that sits on top of the RESTful API, so your software testing resources don’t need extensive development experience to understand and leverage the tool. But if they are developers, the API is always ready and waiting.

Cloud or On-Prem? You Decide!

Lastly, although is designed for and available as a cloud deployment, it can easily become an on-prem solution for those who aren’t ready to open their testing environments to the security concerns of an external tool coming in from the cloud.

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