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Web development refers to the tasks linked with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The web development process also known as website development includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks. Web development ranges from producing plain text pages to composite web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications.

With advent complex programing languages and web designs, web development started to incorporate various features like background images, columns with text, real time analytics, animated gifs and so on. All these features helped enhance the design and until today. All these features helped enhance the design and until today, some of these components are still in use. The HTML pages, which were were static, started to become more evolved, dynamic, and complex business application

Web developers and web designers became more conscious of the larger picture and the potential that internet poses. Web development, thus, was born out of a need to better use the powers of internet and World Wide Web.

The Challenges of Web Development

The evolution of web development to capture the uses internet is not devoid of challenges. Some of the challenges faced by most web developers are:

Client Expectations:

In the field of web development, clients always tend to change their expectations and requirements. This may lead to an unpleasant situation, wasting both the time and effort of both parties. The best way to prevent confusion is to communicate with your clients in advance to establish what the priorities.

Unclear Requirements:

Many of the clients do not understand just how specific they can be and most are inflexible. This can lead to the first problem on this list since changes will end up costing more down the line. To resolve these issues, simply remove the clause of requirements. While this may go against ethics, it is essentially more vital that you agree with clients on what’s being purchased and eventually delivered.

Security Measures:

Even sites with no assets of value, credit card information, or confidential information can be targeted to deliver malware to visitors. As a result, they can affect users’ experience and ultimately render your site worthless. Hence, it is pertinent to make clients aware about the possible problems that can arise even if the website is not launched. To tackle this issue, communication is essential. There is a need to make clients aware of the importance of securing their website. Engage in a productive discussion and brain storming session with your clients to help them understand the issues regarding enforcing strong security measures.

Website Launch:

A lot of issues may crop up before the launch of their website. Developers may face intense pressure to deliver within a stipulated time frame. They, in the process, may waive some important practices such as conducting multiple white box and black box tests. As a result, if the site crashes or users find bugs, the launch take extended time and work. To overcome this issue, developers need to launch a basic version, meanwhile work on the main version so that there is something that you can show the client as a rough sketch and as a fall back option.

These are just some of many issues faced during web development. In fact, web development journey doesn’t end with the launch of the site, as web development continues with the maintenance and upgrading of the site.

Intelleq’s Web Development Services

We at Intelleq help you overcome many of these challenges related to web development and provide you the following services:

Analytics Interpretation and Reporting:

A service that is offered with Web development that can give a positive impact for businesses is having someone who understands the data create reports, interpret them, and make suggestions for site improvements based on the data. Clients will appreciate this value-added service provided to them.

Monitoring Competition:

Every industry has competition online and it is essential to monitor competition, especially if they impact client’s business.

HTML E-mail Template Design:

An option to send e-mails, by designing e-mail templates that resemble the look and feel of the website, offers added service to clients who are interested in sending e-mail marketing messages.

Blog Customization/Management:

An added service is blog management service that can help clients. This service goes beyond customization and set up. Here, you can publish posts, manage comments, add the blog to directories and promote linking. Thus, you can offer more than expected service.

Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management:

If your client does not have a dedicated marketing support, your experience with PPC campaigns may help give your clients more value, and save them time.


Web development can include usability management testing by creating and compiling surveys, handling one-on-one interviews, and conveying feedback to the client.

Benefits of Web Development Services

Looking at the services, framework and infrastructure available with web development, you may ask: what are the benefits of these services to our organization?

The benefits of web development far supersede its challenges any day, making most organizations feel the critical need to invest in web development. Some of the benefits that we provide at Intelleq are:


Web development takes into consideration all the specifications for a specific client. The architecture of the website is built in accordance with client specification and does not carry any limitations or restrictions on how the site will look. This will set your site apart from your competitors.


Website load times are critical for your business, especially since users look at websites on mobile devices using mobile broadband. Intelleq provides you quality web development at speed.


Website security has always been a hot topic on the internet. Using a company that builds web software eliminates a large amount of security risks, as the source code is proprietary and the hosting environment will be optimized for the security of the websites and applications.

Scalability and Flexibility:

Having your digital presence built with a system that is both scalable to accept larger flows of traffic and flexible so that it is easy to add new functionality to the existing platform is vital for any business looking to expand in the digital world.

It is important to note that with the evolution of web development, its challenges, services, benefits have all increased exponentially with each new facet added in the Internet.
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