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Prismo’s value proposition is simple and compelling -- “Zero Breach at Zero Net Cost”.

Enterprise data is in silos across asset classes of users, devices, networks, applications and data. Prismo eliminates security blind spots with a singular view of the entire Enterprise including multi-cloud and edge deployments.

Correlation of logs is imprecise and places undue burden on the analyst. Transaction Graphs provide precise causation without needing any correlation, thereby, eliminating false positives.

With a precise singular dataset, Prismo’s Machine Learning and Entity Risk Models work in real-time to implement novel applications including Auto-Segmentation, Advanced Threat Detection, 0-Day Vulnerability Management, Autonomous SOC Operations and NIST4 “Adaptive” Compliance.

rismo’s Transaction DVRTM is massively scalable and can cost affordably replay any event for over 3 years making incidence response a highly efficient 1-click operation. Enterprises will see the benefits of significant CAPEX and OPEX savings from the decentralized yet federated security data lake.

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Intelleq, strives to provide and develop technology solutions for organizations to help them overcome any challenges and grow in their digital journey. Headquartered at Baltimore,MD our professionals are located across US and India.

Intelleq experts help provide organizations in developing cutting-edge solutions using the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Services, DevOps, and Test Automation. We aim to provide solutions and services related to Digital & Quality Assurance that will help enterprises build the best quality products at reduced costs and faster time-to-market.

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