At Intelleq, we believe that the right approach to Identity and Access Management makes it possible to enable organizations to effectively and securely adopt technologies to manage user identities, and their accesses for their private (on-premise) and public cloud.

Fálaina Identity and Access Management addresses a number of key business challenges for the enterprise:

  • Provide flexible and comprehensive approach to adopt and implement technologies over a period of time to meet overall organization need.
  • Security, through comprehensive, current information about who has access to what applications and data.
  • Cost reduction, by automating slow, error prone manual processes for provisioning and auditing.
  • Data protection and privacy, with secure control of access to information and resources
  • Compliance, through comprehensive auditing and reporting capabilities.
  • Fast time to market, by accelerating the processes of sharing access with business partners.
  • Revenue growth, by speeding the deployment and delivery of new services from multiple partners.
  • Improved service levels, with powerful user self-service and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities.

Additionally, to support outsourcing and other types of interaction among enterprises, Fálaina’s portfolio also delivers federation capabilities for sharing identity information and services across domains with its access management solution.

The Fálaina’s Identity Governance and Administration portfolio includes:

  • Identity Analytics and Compliance Manager (IACM)
  • Identity Lifecycle Manager (ILM)
  • Privileged Access Manager (PAM)

The Data Access Governance portfolio includes:

  • Data Analytics and Compliance Manager (DACM)

and the Access Management Portfolio includes:

  • Web Access Manager/SSO (WSSO)

A complete, integrated solution that is also modular for flexible deployment

Fálaina’s set of products are designed to integrate with each other seamlessly, yet at the same time to be deployed modularly. This means that organizations can choose to implement the full portfolio or phased approach over time, in whatever order best serves their business priorities.

Because interoperability between applications is critical to effective identity management, Fálaina’s Identity and Access Management products can be easily integrated with other business systems as well as with third-party security and Identity Management solutions.

They are designed to decrease integration costs, reduce deployment times, and maximise the value of existing technology investments. Fálaina’s identity and access management offerings specifically include:

  • More than 40 out-of-the-box agent-less connectors that enable provisioning/de-provisioning with operating systems, directory servers, databases, mainframes, enterprise applications, IoT platforms and Cloud/SaaS based applications.
  • Range of SSO agents to protect web and application resources spanning over Microsoft, Apache, IBM and other platforms - which enables SSO and access control across multiple platforms, and applications.

All the services required for complete identity management

Fálaina’s Identity and Access Management portfolio includes all critical components that deliver all of the services required to manage, protect, store, verify, and share identity information within the enterprise and across private and public cloud.

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